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Conjugal Science for Thrilling Enjoyment in Marriage

We, the V.B.S Institute, are running an on-line class in Internet and for the people, who can not join this class, we have prepared an enthralling C.D, as a practical guide, for every married couple and this CD explains the couples:-



I.                   We cover the following topics:

 1.     Physical Contrasts between Couples – explained

2.     Psychological Contrasts in expectations and approaches

3.     Love as Vital Energy for strength of Marriage.

4.     Roles of Physiological & Biological Functional Mechanism for their play and interactions - useful educational study

5.     Response to Stimuli –explained in video

6.     Physiological reactions during their interactions - special feature

7.     Physiological and Sociological Perspectives in their interactions – an in-depth study

8.     Passion and Intimacy in their conjugal relationship.

9.     Art of Play -an  in-depth study

10.Art of Sensuality : an in-depth study

11.How to use Romance as an intimate expression of love

12.Satisfaction and Satiation of each other’s values

13.Manual for couples

14.Kama Sutra and other ancient treatises - explained with full texts.

15.Why does the society arrange for Wedding Night and Honey Moon!

16.Art of means to keep up the thrilling enjoyment through out in their marriage:              an exhaustive study

17.Pregnancy and Child-birth – explained as an education for the couples.

18.Conjugal Problems and means to solve themselves - self managing guidance

19.How to maintain their conjugal relationship happy even during old age and other special periods.

20.Basic Factors for a happy Marriage -very exhaustive study

21.How to make use of conjugal science and marital happiness for each other’s Personality Development.

  This CD instills absolute confidence in couple’s mind to deal with their conjugal relationship for thrilling enjoyment, complete satisfaction, absolute satiation and ultimate happiness thro’out their married life;

thereby it is our aim to make every couple, who makes use of this course/CD, to have a very enviable and joyful life thro’out.



II.                Period of Class: 3 months.



III.             Method of Learning:-


(a) The people, wherever they may be, can make use of our internet class, wherein you get class key on payment of fee and by keying-in this key number in the site, you have to register on the first time and thereafter by logging with your id and password, you can go thro' the lessons, or download the lessons, at your leisure for a period of 3 months.


(b) Alternatively, due to inability to attend the class, you may order for the C.D to go thro' the exhaustive lessons on your own


 IV. Charges in this regard are as follows as per the item you opt for:

 1.            We are running the class in internet and the course fee is : Rs.450.


 2.          If you like to have our C.D without attending the class: Rs.600 + courier charges.


 V. Mode of Payment:

 (i) You may pay full amount of charges mentioned in the respective item you opt for


 (i) For the first item You remit the full amount of Rs.450 and you will be provided class key with which you may register in the site and read the lessons and articles in the site whenever you like but for a period of 3 months.

 (ii) For the second You may remit Rs.100 for the 2nd  item and the C.D will be dispatched by V.P.P.

 Bonus: We will forward e-mail newsletters on love, marriage and pregnancy regularly for the first three months absolutely free.


 VI. Method of Payment:

 Please remit the amount to any one of the following accounts and inform the same to us to our email : with full details of your date , place, branch and amount of remittance. Immediately you will receive a Receipt Number, which reference number you may quote in your further correspondence; however you will receive the class key, or the details of dispatch of C.D within 48 hours.

Remit the money favouring: D.K.Suresh

      SBI A/c No.          :    10212411814   of   Hebbal Industrial area branch, Mysore



I.C.I.C.I Bank A/c No. :   625501515416  of   Mysore Main branch


VII. Reference:

In case of any difficulty you may contact Mr.D.K.Suresh, the Course Director.

@ Mobile:-within Karnataka:9902363602

                & from outside Karnataka:09902363602

@ Res.Tel.No.:- 0821-2304230.

Postal address: 73, 2nd Cross, 2nd Stage, Hebbal, Mysore-570017, Karnataka, India.

The institute’s email:-    

D.K.Suresh’s Personal e-mail:


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